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C. Johnson – Pimlico

I was introduced to Hélène Dabrowski by the builder who was undertaking a major renovation of my four-storey property. He had worked with Hélène on previous occasions and felt she would be able to interpret my rather vague ideas for the interior in a way that would be satisfactory to us all!

I had not engaged an interior designer before and felt somewhat apprehensive about the process. The task of completely refurbishing our rather tired home was too daunting for me to micro-manage every detail, however, could a stranger really ‘get’ my taste?

From the outset, I was impressed with Hélène’s manner. She quietly, but most effectively, absorbed information about me and my family and helped to plot a path to the finished design. As I sit here in my wonderful new kitchen/den, I am struck again by the enormity of the task – Hélène was working with someone who really didn’t have much idea of what she wanted, couldn’t read a floor plan and was used to buying furnishings ad hoc. With great patience and skill, Hélène created a truly beautiful home. After a very short time, her instinct for what I would love was uncannily accurate. She found me fabrics that evoked memories she couldn’t have known I had – she suggested furnishings I wouldn’t have been able to track down by myself. Two days after my father passed away, she lighted upon a Venetian mirror. My father loved Venice and this was yet another example of the simpatico relationship we had developed.

Hélène had not only to find colour schemes and furniture for me, but also design new rooms. I had a tiny cupboard for a bathroom and an unsatisfactory kitchen. Her solutions have been thoughtful, practical and ultimately, gloriously transformative. I am living in a house that has ‘wow!’ factor, yet is comfortable and homely and undeniably reflects my taste. She even managed to source an elegant pool table when I changed my mind about the living room at the last minute!

I would not hesitate to recommend Hélène to my family and friends – though judging from their comments about the transformation, her work speaks for itself. If I had to name the single most important benefit for me, I would say it was Hélène’s ability to make the process so stress-free and enjoyable. And to appear as if she enjoyed it too!

John Self Director of Elliott Thomas

“Hélène was appointed by my company to Interior Design a large 6,500 sq/ft listed property in Kent with Contemporary additions and from concept design through to completion of this phased project provided an impeccable tailored service for the clients, albeit it involved many iterations and changes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hélène’s work to clients or companies alike.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rosemary Friedman – Regent’s Park

`Following fire damage, Hélène Dabrowski undertook an entire refurbishment of our apartment including soft furnishings, carpets and paint. She listened to our preferences and tuned into them, brought or sent a choice of well set-out colour schemes and appropriate patterns to our home and did all the leg work. She was reliable as to timings and we were delighted with the end result, which has been greatly admired. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to refurbish without the hassle.

Helen & Paul – Holland Park

My husband and I are very happy to recommend Hélène Dabrowski Interiors.

We had a very positive experience with Hélène, who spent a great deal of time with us at the outset to understand our needs, tastes and ideas for our new home.

Hélène helped to develop our thoughts regarding decoration, and respected the brief, with the result being very satisfactory.

With both my husband and I leading very busy lives, Hélène’s assistance was invaluable and we particularly valued her flexibility in being able to meet us after work to go through samples and decor ideas. Her pragmatic approach helped us sift through many alternatives and come up with what was best for our lifestyle.

Hélène was always very attentive and showed real commitment and enthusiasm. We are very happy with the results.

D.B. – Swiss Cottage, London

I have known Hélène Dabrowski professionally for approximately 20 years. Having not used a designer before, I was not sure what to expect, but Hélène immediately put me at my ease and helped me begin the process of decorating my newly renovated home.

I have always found her to be very professional and receptive – this is demonstrated by her punctuality and attention to detail. This first project involved both soft and hard furnishings, so there were multiple workmen, craftsmen and suppliers to liaise and coordinate with. Hélène did this efficiently and effectively, ensuring that I had the various appropriate samples and ideas to choose from. Hélène ensured I was involved and happy with all the decisions made, and when parts of the projects came to completion, she came personally to check the work was done to my satisfaction.

I have since used Hélène for many other projects over the years, most recently with the decoration and furnishing of my latest home. I think it is a testament to her man-management abilities that she has maintained the same group of workmen/women and craftsmen, ensuring high standards and good quality for all the work that has been carried out for me. I think because she is a good communicator and treats people with courtesy and respect and ensures that everyone knows what is expected, those that work for her respect her and give her their best.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as she not only listens and responds positively to the client – but also never tries to impose her ideas. I have often had a vague idea or “picture” of how I want a room to look and Hélène has realized this for me. Hélène has also diplomatically helped me to avoid mistakes and has helped me to find solutions to decorating /furnishing problems.

P.T. – Totteridge

A fellow designer recommended Hélène Dabrowski to all my family when she relocated to Dubai.

I felt comfortable with the recommendation and felt we could work together when we met up. Hélène was calm and efficient, attributes, which aren’t always found with interior decorators!

The purpose of using Hélène Dabrowski Interiors was to fully fit out a house with carpets and curtains and to re-utilize some existing furniture, the customer service was excellent and made moving much easier.

I definitely felt accompanied and supported, and I would recommend her services to my friends and colleagues for the above reasons.
I will certainly be using Hélène’s services again in the future as I appreciated her temperament, efficiency and creativity.

Lastly Hélène provided me with a whole host of ideas, plenty of samples to choose from, efficiency in ordering, installing and great use of quality sub-contractors

M.Glover – St John’s Wood, London

“I couldn’t recommend Hélène Dabrowski Interiors more highly.  Hélène is professional thorough and listened to what I wanted and implemented my vision to an even higher standard, beyond my expectations. I am thrilled with her work.  She created space where there was none, and made a stylish, fun but practical haven when I wanted a complete revamp of the top floor of my house.  Working with her takes the hassle factor out of any work being done in your house.  From her first layout drawings to the completed project she has made it a pleasurable experience, creating practical built in furniture and bringing in innovative one off pieces that give the rooms the wow factor.

Hélène is a pleasure to work with.  She is reliable, calm and efficient and works with you, listening and guiding and achieving great results.”

G.A. – Hampstead  

I first heard of Hélène Dabrowski Interiors as a recommendation from a friend. I was attracted to use Hélène as she seemed to have the vision to pull together an eclectic set of ideas.

What also stood out for me was Helene’s personality and ability to listen as well as being easy to approach and receptive to ideas.

My main objective using Hélène Dabrowski Interiors was to help upgrade the interior of my home. The customer service I received was excellent and I felt supported in the decision making process.

I have already recommended Hélène to my friends and although it’s at least 10 years that I had the major work done at my home I continue to receive compliments.

I would definitely continue to use Hélène’s services in the future, as she has helped create a home in which I am pleased to live in.

B.M. – Hyde Park

I heard about Hélène Dabrowski Interiors through my builder and liked the sound her approach. I particularly liked the way Hélène listened to me and interpreted my needs into the designs. My main objective was to create and improve my walk in wardrobe space to maximize storage, to re-furbish and update two bathrooms and to create a study/dressing room.

The customer service I received was excellent and I felt accompanied and supported with my decisions. I would recommend Hélène’s services to friends and colleagues, as she is able to get into client’s heads and interpret their needs and wants effectively. I would use Hélène again in the future as I feel that she knows and understands me. Above all working with Hélène has given me peace of mind.

K.Woodward – Totteridge, London

I heard about Hélène Dabrowski Interiors via another interior designer who was mid-project with us when she had an opportunity to go to Dubai and Hélène very kindly stepped in to take over.  Obviously, having worked with the previous designer it was a bit of an adjustment to transfer to someone else and also, I did have a concern as to whether or not Hélène would be able to achieve the same end.  However, over several weeks and months, it was very clear that Hélène had a good idea about how to get things done.  During our whole working relationship, she was extremely efficient, helpful and reliable.  Hélène has excellent taste too which helped immensely.  In fact, having completed the property, I can honestly say I was really pleased I got to work with her and would most definitely enjoy working with her in the future.  Our children are now 6 & almost 8 years old so when it will be time to alter their bedrooms to make them more age appropriate, I will definitely get in touch with Hélène!  I would highly recommend her services to anyone and have indeed recommended her to my sister and sister-in-law and in both cases, they have been pleased with the result.

Having been in our home for now 6 years, we have come across the odd problem where we have needed Hélène’s help again.  She has been able to reference the necessary information to let us know what we needed and where appropriate, has followed through on our various requests very promptly.

Diane & Peter B, Hampstead

We heard of Hélène Dabrowski Interiors after some very good work she did for us before Hélène set up her company. We liked Hélène’s personality and liked working with her; she was very patient with us.
We were keen to get her help again, particularly to see things we cannot; creativity within the client’s range of appreciation; outstanding sourcing ability and good cost awareness.

We decided to work with Hélène because of her expertise and capacity to listen to us, but still come up with her own ideas; Hélène doesn’t mind being challenged by us, and we don’t mind being challenged by her; she can cope with very conservative budgets to work with!
Hélène has a good eye for colours and schemes, and she knows where to source furniture and accessories in a way that we simply could not.

One of our key objectives was good design at an affordable price.
In terms of customer services we felt it was excellent overall; responsive and a personal service.

We felt accompanied by Hélène and although we obviously pay her, it does not feel as though the “clock is running”, so this makes a better working relationship.

We would recommend Hélène to others because she is adaptable to different people and situations as well as all the reasons mentioned above.

The most important benefit Hélène bought to us was that we deliberately bought purpose-built modern box-style flats for maintenance reasons, but she has made them interesting, and when tenants view the properties, they like the atmosphere created by the design choice. As far as Hélène’s work in our home is concerned, she has given us a mix of style and practicality, which we enjoy day after day.

We would personally use your services again in the future because you get things right.

S.Woodward- Totteridge, London

“Hélène is a pleasure to work with and always reliable and trustworthy. Very creative and has good ideas. Would recommend her highly to anyone.”

Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity and Creative

Francine Kaye

“Hélène came to see me to take a look at my office set up and in our first meeting gave me some excellent tips immediately. I then recommended her to a friend who wanted her to redesign his mezzanine and her prompt attention and follow up report was greatly appreciated. Hélène is full of amazing ideas, has a very high quality portfolio and her attention to detail as well her innate creativity makes her much more than an Interior Designer, in fact I would say she is an Interior Artist.”

Irit Herzenshtein – Hammersmith, London

“Hélène’s innate chic comes through in her work and was invaluable in creating my glamorous and professional meeting room and office. She is a pleasure to work with; creative but also calm, organized and practical.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, and Creative

Lara Brotherton – Wandsworth, London

“Hélène came to my home to help me with placement and choose colour samples. She was instrumental in starting my own home clear out. The suggestions she made for furniture and colour made a positive difference to the look of several of my rooms. Her nature is kind and helpful and her experience and knowledge is infinite. The colour she chose for my carpet was absolutely perfect. Hélène’s fee was more than worth the value of what she gave to me.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, and Creative

Lea Pateman – Guildford, Surrey

“Hélène Dabrowski created an inspiring selection of suggestions, with great care, attention to detail and brief, executing it quickly and at an affordable rate. I highly commend her design intuition and excellent service.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value and Creative