K.Woodward – Totteridge, London

I heard about Hélène Dabrowski Interiors via another interior designer who was mid-project with us when she had an opportunity to go to Dubai and Hélène very kindly stepped in to take over.  Obviously, having worked with the previous designer it was a bit of an adjustment to transfer to someone else and also, I did have a concern as to whether or not Hélène would be able to achieve the same end.  However, over several weeks and months, it was very clear that Hélène had a good idea about how to get things done.  During our whole working relationship, she was extremely efficient, helpful and reliable.  Hélène has excellent taste too which helped immensely.  In fact, having completed the property, I can honestly say I was really pleased I got to work with her and would most definitely enjoy working with her in the future.  Our children are now 6 & almost 8 years old so when it will be time to alter their bedrooms to make them more age appropriate, I will definitely get in touch with Hélène!  I would highly recommend her services to anyone and have indeed recommended her to my sister and sister-in-law and in both cases, they have been pleased with the result.

Having been in our home for now 6 years, we have come across the odd problem where we have needed Hélène’s help again.  She has been able to reference the necessary information to let us know what we needed and where appropriate, has followed through on our various requests very promptly.

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