C. Johnson – Pimlico

I was introduced to Hélène Dabrowski by the builder who was undertaking a major renovation of my four-storey property. He had worked with Hélène on previous occasions and felt she would be able to interpret my rather vague ideas for the interior in a way that would be satisfactory to us all!

I had not engaged an interior designer before and felt somewhat apprehensive about the process. The task of completely refurbishing our rather tired home was too daunting for me to micro-manage every detail, however, could a stranger really ‘get’ my taste?

From the outset, I was impressed with Hélène’s manner. She quietly, but most effectively, absorbed information about me and my family and helped to plot a path to the finished design. As I sit here in my wonderful new kitchen/den, I am struck again by the enormity of the task – Hélène was working with someone who really didn’t have much idea of what she wanted, couldn’t read a floor plan and was used to buying furnishings ad hoc. With great patience and skill, Hélène created a truly beautiful home. After a very short time, her instinct for what I would love was uncannily accurate. She found me fabrics that evoked memories she couldn’t have known I had – she suggested furnishings I wouldn’t have been able to track down by myself. Two days after my father passed away, she lighted upon a Venetian mirror. My father loved Venice and this was yet another example of the simpatico relationship we had developed.

Hélène had not only to find colour schemes and furniture for me, but also design new rooms. I had a tiny cupboard for a bathroom and an unsatisfactory kitchen. Her solutions have been thoughtful, practical and ultimately, gloriously transformative. I am living in a house that has ‘wow!’ factor, yet is comfortable and homely and undeniably reflects my taste. She even managed to source an elegant pool table when I changed my mind about the living room at the last minute!

I would not hesitate to recommend Hélène to my family and friends – though judging from their comments about the transformation, her work speaks for itself. If I had to name the single most important benefit for me, I would say it was Hélène’s ability to make the process so stress-free and enjoyable. And to appear as if she enjoyed it too!

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