Diane & Peter B, Hampstead

We heard of Hélène Dabrowski Interiors after some very good work she did for us before Hélène set up her company. We liked Hélène’s personality and liked working with her; she was very patient with us.
We were keen to get her help again, particularly to see things we cannot; creativity within the client’s range of appreciation; outstanding sourcing ability and good cost awareness.

We decided to work with Hélène because of her expertise and capacity to listen to us, but still come up with her own ideas; Hélène doesn’t mind being challenged by us, and we don’t mind being challenged by her; she can cope with very conservative budgets to work with!
Hélène has a good eye for colours and schemes, and she knows where to source furniture and accessories in a way that we simply could not.

One of our key objectives was good design at an affordable price.
In terms of customer services we felt it was excellent overall; responsive and a personal service.

We felt accompanied by Hélène and although we obviously pay her, it does not feel as though the “clock is running”, so this makes a better working relationship.

We would recommend Hélène to others because she is adaptable to different people and situations as well as all the reasons mentioned above.

The most important benefit Hélène bought to us was that we deliberately bought purpose-built modern box-style flats for maintenance reasons, but she has made them interesting, and when tenants view the properties, they like the atmosphere created by the design choice. As far as Hélène’s work in our home is concerned, she has given us a mix of style and practicality, which we enjoy day after day.

We would personally use your services again in the future because you get things right.

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