Design Approach

My Approach

I approach each project with an open mind and no pre-conceived ideas or fixed style. My ultimate aim is for the project to reflect the client’s own taste and personality with added “wow” factor. I enjoy working with colours, mixing old and new to create a very individual interior. I am always looking to integrate as many of the original architectural features and fabric of the building where possible.


I like to first spend time with the client to discuss their overall plan, their lifestyle, family life and any particular needs they may have.
It is important that I understand all that embodies my clients’ lives, and work closely with them to achieve the perfect interior design solution.

Listening to my client and taking down a very detailed brief ensures we can start off in the right design direction to meet all the aesthetics aspirations as well as the practical ones like well planned space and clever storage.

It is of paramount importance to create an interior that will be in harmony with the individuals who will be using it and reflect their personality and taste.

Level of involvement

When the client likes to be involved I would encourage a collaborative approach to interior design by getting them to participate in the process so I can meet their exact needs. Some clients prefer to be removed from the design process as much as possible and I am happy to work in whichever way will fit with my clients’ busy lives.

Down to earth

While I love designing furnishings and colour schemes, I also enjoy dealing with all the technical aspects of a project and going to site. Practicality and problem solving is part of the interior design brief. There is something quite magical in seeing the evolution from a building site to a sophisticated interior.

My philosophy

I am passionate about effortlessly elegant, comfortable, characterful and timeless interiors, which look lived in and have a certain je ne sais quoi.
Rather than follow every trend and fashion of the moment, which can easily date an interior, I would prefer to use one or two quirky fashion pieces within a scheme.

I view every space like a painting to which I apply layer after layer (furniture layout, lighting and electrical layout, finishing choice. furniture choice, soft furnishings, accessorising…) to compose a scheme where each element of the design is taken into consideration to create a perfect balance.
At the core of the scheme I integrate the clients’ tastes to transform them into an individual creation called style.

With my French flair, eye for detail and intuitive nature I strive to create interiors that engage and lift people.
Interior design should be a stress free, fun and enjoyable experience.

My main aim is happy clients who will enjoy their home for many years to come.