D.B. – Swiss Cottage, London

I have known Hélène Dabrowski professionally for approximately 20 years. Having not used a designer before, I was not sure what to expect, but Hélène immediately put me at my ease and helped me begin the process of decorating my newly renovated home.

I have always found her to be very professional and receptive – this is demonstrated by her punctuality and attention to detail. This first project involved both soft and hard furnishings, so there were multiple workmen, craftsmen and suppliers to liaise and coordinate with. Hélène did this efficiently and effectively, ensuring that I had the various appropriate samples and ideas to choose from. Hélène ensured I was involved and happy with all the decisions made, and when parts of the projects came to completion, she came personally to check the work was done to my satisfaction.

I have since used Hélène for many other projects over the years, most recently with the decoration and furnishing of my latest home. I think it is a testament to her man-management abilities that she has maintained the same group of workmen/women and craftsmen, ensuring high standards and good quality for all the work that has been carried out for me. I think because she is a good communicator and treats people with courtesy and respect and ensures that everyone knows what is expected, those that work for her respect her and give her their best.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as she not only listens and responds positively to the client – but also never tries to impose her ideas. I have often had a vague idea or “picture” of how I want a room to look and Hélène has realized this for me. Hélène has also diplomatically helped me to avoid mistakes and has helped me to find solutions to decorating /furnishing problems.

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